Best Party Hire Options for 18th's & 21st's


Australians love to celebrate, and there is nothing they love to celebrate more than legally coming of age, whether you consider that to be 18, 21 or both. Teenagers and young adults who are fortunate enough to be having a party thrown for them, or who have scrimped and saved to put on the wildest party of their youth, might be interested in hiring some special equipment for the event. If you're looking to add a WOW factor to your own special occasion, then here are some sure party favorites to keep your guests talking about the night for weeks to come.   

Lolly Buffets 

Who doesn't love an adult take on a childhood pastime? Lolly buffets are increasing in popularity for a huge range of adult events including weddings, baby showers, hens nights and even birthday parties. Often selected to suit a color theme, lolly buffets are part decoration and part party snack. They are sure to be a hit with people stuck in that awkward stage between childhood and adulthood. 

Karaoke Machines

Karaoke machines are a fun addition to any party full of intoxicated young friends with varying degrees of talent. You might not sound as good as you thought you did when watching the replays on YouTube the next day, but at the time, singing the hits of your youth with all your best friends will make you feel like a superstar. 

Daiquiri / Alcoholic Slushies

It really wouldn't be a truly Australian celebration without some kind of fancy, alcoholic beverage dispenser. Alcoholic slushies are very popular with today's young people, and investing a little extra money in Daiquiri's rather than goon sacks will give your party a more refined edge... Even if you still end up passing out in the exact same manner. 

Photo Booths Or Photographer With Props

The selfie generation loves having their photos taken, especially if the photos are quirky and unique and Instagram ready. Photo booths are a great alternative or addition to having someone photograph the entire night because guests can elect the right time to pose. If you want a better option for group shots, consider having the photographer set up a backdrop to the side of the action and allow guests to organise themselves and have photos taken there. A photographer with fun props like fake mustaches or giant glasses is a great way to encourage your guests to get silly and let loose for the camera. 

Party Lights And Smoke Machines

Sometimes you just want to feel like you're in your own private night club. You've already set the scene by clearing the living room and hiring a DJ or setting up an awesome sound system, so why not add a few special effects? A smoke machine and/or strobe lights will take your dance floor from 'dancing in front of the couch' to 'I don't know where I am right now and I love it'.

Planning an 18th or a 21st can be stressful. Everyone wants their party to be spectacular and memorable and to have a unique edge. By hiring just a few party classics and experimenting, you are certain to have the night of your life. 

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18 November 2014

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