Things To Do Before Renting a Limousine


When you are thinking about renting a limousine for a special occasion, or just to have a night on the town, you will be presented with a lot of choices. Limos are as diverse as cars on the road, and no two limos look alike or offer the same amenities. So before you start out on your limo hunt, here are some important things to do to make your search more productive.

See The Limo For Yourself --  A lot of people make the mistake of checking out photos online or listening to the description given over the phone by a limo company representative. They never go to see the vehicle in person. You are risking buyer's remorse if you rent a limo unseen. What may look spectacular online, may not hold up when you see it live, so before you make any decision or put down a deposit to reserve a limo, make arrangements to see the vehicle. Most limo companies will be happy to accommodate your request, and if a company is hesitant, you probably want to scratch it off your list.

Ask What The Price Estimate Includes --  Some limo companies will quote you a price for a rental for a set amount of hours but will not include the price of petrol and the driver's tip, which can be several hundred dollars. In addition, some limousine companies will have an ice bucket and champagne waiting in the vehicle, which you won't know about until you enter the vehicle. To avoid paying for this extra cost, ask the limo company representative if your vehicle comes with any drinks, and if so, decline this amenity as it can quickly add up. Most limo companies allow you to bring your own drinks anyway, so save yourself the money.

Confirm Commercial Insurance Coverage -- The last thing you want is to suffer an accident in the limo you rent and then discover that the company doesn't have commercial car insurance to pay for your injuries. To avoid this potentially large problem, ask to see the limo company's commercial insurance policy to assure that there is plenty of coverage.

Ask If the Company Belongs To The NLA -- The National Limousine Association is a worldwide membership group that sets professional standards for limo companies throughout the world. You can also go to the group's website to find out more information.

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19 November 2014

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