Things To Consider When Hiring A Marquee


Marquees can be a great way to make any party more functional. Marquees protect guests from the weather and create more space for them to congregate, which may be especially important for events being held at home. But before you jump in and rent any old marquee, make sure you do a little research and find the best option for you.

Ask yourself the following questions: 

1. Can you afford it?

The marquee hire isn't necessarily the only cost to consider. Additional extras such as ways to cool or heat the tent in extreme weather conditions should also be taken into consideration. Don't jump in and hire the first marquee you see. Take the time to look around and get the best deal. If you have a lot of parties then it might even be worth purchasing a cheap or moderately priced marquee rather than renting one several times a year.

2. Is it big enough for your guests? 

What's the marquee for? Is it just to shelter guests as they chat and eat finger food? Does it need to have room for sit down tables and chairs? Will there be dancing or a lot of movement at your event? Many hire places will be able to provide you with a chart that can estimate your required tent size based on the number of expected guests.

3. Is it suitable for the conditions? 

Marquees can be good in relatively extreme conditions but they aren't designed to withstand a storm. The probable weather conditions should be taken into account before agreeing to hire a marquee for your event. If it is going to be hot select a marquee with rolling sides to let some of the heat out while still blocking the sun. If it is going to rain then perhaps investing in a more expensive marquee with some kind of flooring solution is the best option. If there is a chance the weather will become too extreme to use the marquee safely (for example, very windy conditions) then have a back up plan for you and your guests.

4. Is this the right marquee for you?

A marquee can be a great idea for any number of special events but some are nicer than others. If you're planning on using a marquee just for shelter at a family gathering or small party then you probably aren't too worried about the aesthetics. On the other hand, if you're planning on using a marquee for a wedding or engagement party then you are going to want to be more selective about the type of marquee you use. What decorative features should it have? Does the shape matter? Will it need to fit into a color scheme?

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5 December 2014

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