Why you should be signing your children up for art classes


There are some unique benefits your child will gain by attending art classes compared to you signing them up for other extracurricular activities. This article will help you understand the advantages of art classes for children.

Connections to other subjects

The younger a child is when they are exposed to art, the more likely they are to develop a love for the arts. By encouraging children to embark on interpretative art, not just colouring in and completing rote work, they increase their observational skills. This has benefits in other areas such as science and literacy. Visual investigation comes naturally to children and often sparks exploration of other facts. By asking questions like "What causes this patterns on the rocks?" or "What creature is nibbling holes in the lettuce leafs?", children notice more of their surroundings, and make and test theories about the world.

Additionally, art classes often incorporate some discussion and interpretation of experienced artist's work, and teach children how to interpret and appreciate different compositions, art forms and art techniques.

Fine motor skills

For children who struggle with fine motor skills, it can be challenging to get them to practise writing and table work. In an art class they are continuing to work on their fine motor skills in a fun way, which is not as easily compared to their peers as in class writing tasks. This can encourage reluctant child to experiment and practise fine motor skills in a non-judgmental environment.


Viewing and creating artwork also encourages creative thinking, which is one of the foundations of innovation. As children get older this can become buried in the school curriculum, which has an increasing focus on literacy and numeracy outcomes. Art celebrates finding unknown angles and looking at issues from a different perspective, rather than a methodical approach.

Emotional well-being

For some people, art is a way of expressing their emotions. Indeed for children undergoing trauma, art therapy is often an important way for them to process their feelings. Art can be a great way to express the emotions they have, which they may not yet have the expressive language to do in writing or speech.

Art is also a great confidence booster for children with academic issues as art can be done in multiple ways and there is no "right way" to complete any project. It also builds understanding of different points of view, as all children in the class can approach the project differently and end up with divergent, but interesting and beautiful outcomes.


20 January 2015

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