Ideal Types Of Boat Charters For Hens Party


Chartering a sailboat for a hens party is an excellent and stylish way to celebrate the past and the future, but organising and preparing for the event can be challenging due to the different aspects involved. There are factors to consider including the number of invited guests, costs and proximity to the pertinent water body. However, choosing the best type of charter to accommodate the needs and wants of the hens takes precedence. Here are the main choices available from quality boat charter companies.


Under normal circumstances, this is the most popular charter because it allows the client to sail the boat without professional assistance. For hens parties, it is not a common choice but this heavily depends on the desires and interests of the social circle. If the girls love the watery outdoors and the organiser can sail the boat safely, this is a great choice. It is favoured and even preferred where possible because the guests will be less inhibited without a stranger constantly in earshot. Unfortunately, this means that someone will have to sacrifice the fun on-journey activities to act as the seaman and to ensure the safety of others.

Skippered Bareboat

In this charter, a freelance skipper is engaged from the charter company to support the amateur sailors. It is a suitable choice when there is a skilled member of the party who can sail the boat but is not entirely confident in their skills or does not want to miss out on all the hens party fun. The flexibility of this choice is desirable but the costs are typically similar to those of a fully-crewed boat. On the other hand, it is much safer than the bareboat in case the weather turns sour or the party encounters a particularly challenging sailing area.

Fully-Crewed Charter

The sailboat usually comes with a live-in captain and cook. This type of charter is attached to larger boats and yachts which are luxurious and offer extensive amenities. Unless the hens party is an intimate gathering of close friends, this should be the default choice as long as the funds are sufficient. The price usually includes the meals and even an open bar. The partygoers will be nothing more than holidaymakers on a boat with the freedom to relax or participate in sailing under the skipper's supervision. The captain will be in charge and will make the important decisions regarding the boat. For instance, if the destination is deemed unsuitable due to bad weather, they can change the plans.

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9 February 2015

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