Planning a Wedding? Ten Key Questions to Ask the Venue Owner

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You've just finished celebrating the announcement of your engagement. There's plenty to look forward to, but there's also plenty of work to do. Of major importance, you need to select your wedding venue. What questions should you ask the owner as you move forward?

Ten Key Subjects to Address

  1. You may have several different venues in mind. It's not unusual for brides and grooms to check out half a dozen or more. Before you start, therefore, ensure you have a system in place. Buy a notebook specifically for this job, or better still carry around a recording device with you. Either away, make sure you take accurate notes and keep them in order. You don't want a faulty memory to mix up the capacity of two venues.
  2. When you ask about available dates, give three weekend options if you can. Next, determine how many people can be accommodated in each function room. Be careful here, because you will almost certainly go over the number that you plan for and "finally" submit. Some people never respond to invitations and just show up on the day.
  3. Determine how much the venue will charge and what you will get for that price. Ask them if they can give you a discount if the wedding will take place out of season.
  4. Be very clear upfront about the payment schedule. How much is the deposit and when is it due? Is it refundable and under what circumstances? Can they offer a payment plan for the whole bill, and if so what are the stipulations?
  5. Wedding venues typically allocate time for you to conduct the all important rehearsal as part of the "deal." Check to see if that's the case here.
  6. While you're at it, check to see if they can facilitate the actual ceremony there as well. If so, at what additional charge? If not, how close is the venue to the site of your ceremony?
  7. While you don't like to think about it, talk about the cancellation policy. Venues have to ensure they get some revenue for their function rooms, come what may.
  8. It may be a beautiful day when you look at your venue and you can imagine how nice it would be during the ceremony. However, always check the weather contingency for your outdoor space. Will they have an available indoor space?
  9. You must be very specific when it comes to the timing. The venue will allocate a specific amount of time to the reservation. Check to see if there is any fee should the reception go on longer than this.
  10. Some venues have stipulations regarding what you can and cannot do to decorate for your event. Do they impose any restrictions or guidelines? Don't assume that the decor you see during the visit will be the same during the event. It would be a shame if you plan your wedding outfits and garnishments according to what you see now, only to show up on the day and find out everything has been changed.

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5 March 2015

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