Blowing Up Bucket Loads of Balloons? A Survival Guide


If you have been tasked with getting large amounts of balloons to look perfect for an event, you need to have a plan on how it will all happen. Don't rely on roping in heavy-breathing volunteers when you can make your life easier with balloon blowing equipment.

Helium tank

If you are looking to have all of balloons standing as part of your room decor, chair backs or as a part of the delineation of wedding spaces then hiring a tank can be a great alternative. If you are a blowing up a substantial amount of balloon it can be cheaper than getting them commercially inflated and you also don't have to worry about transporting the inflated balloons.

Air tank

There are times when you want to balloons to sink, such as a balloon drop from netting tent above. Luckily you can also hire air tanks from party hire stores for a small fee and manage to save the breath of you and your helpers. Balloons that have been blown up using a tank will also not have any of the airborne/mouth born saliva on them, makes them a much safer risk in terms of communicable diseases which can be passed on when the balloons pop. Many annoying viruses can be passed on through saliva including the common cold.

Balloon sealer

One of the sometimes neglected aspects of planning on blowing up a large amount of balloons is the twisting of the ends and tying knots. Not only is this painful on fingertips after a long period of tying, it's also a relatively slow part of the balloon blowing up process. You can also hire balloon sealers, which use a small amount of heat, and pressure to seal the bottom of the balloon quickly, so that tying the balloons doesn't become the bottleneck in your balloon tying process. Properly tied helium balloon will also stay buoyant for longer by not leaking helium gas.

Pre-cut lengths of ribbon

If you are tying the balloons together into bouquets, have some pre-cut lengths of ribbon handy to tie to each balloon. This will ensure that you have enough of the correct ribbon colours and don't run out part way through the balloon blowing up and have to switch or hunt down colours midway.

To learn more about these options or to reserve these supplies, contact a local party equipment hire service like Dancetime Party Hire.


19 May 2015

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