Havin' A Ball: 5 Tips To Help You Survive Your First Ballroom Dance Class

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Ballroom dancing is a strangely ageless variety of dance, with everyone from teenagers to OAP's often taking to the dancefloor to learn the elegant steps. Whether you're preparing for your first dance for a wedding, are attempting to rekindle a lost romance, or simply looking to undertake a new hobby, it appears that it's never too late to learn the art of ballroom dancing.

Of course, ballroom dancing by its very nature is a highly respected, prestigious, classy form of dance, and turning up to your very first class can feel a little intimidating to say the least. Just remember - everyone has to start somewhere, and the wide range of ages that you're likely to see at your class should help to provide you with a sense of reassurance no matter what age bracket you fall into.

Discussed here are five ways in which you can help to survive your very first ballroom dance class. You might understandably be feeling a little jittery on your way in, so simply take note of the easy acronym DANCE in order to help you remember these five useful pointers.

D - Discuss

If you're feeling particularly anxious before your first lesson, head in a little early and have a discussion with the teacher. Any ballroom dance teacher worth their salt will be patient, caring and understanding when it comes to first-timers, so don't be afraid to get any queries off your chest from the offset. Don't quiz the teacher too heavily as they have a class to teach after all (unless you're having a private lesson), but don't be afraid to turn up a little early and just allow them to talk you through what the first class entails and what to expect for the next hour or so. You'll be surprised how much it might be able to put your mind at ease.

A - Acquaintance

Turning up to a dance class for the first time can make you feel like a new kid on their first day of school. Only this time, there probably won't be a set of parents tentatively forcing you out the door. The unnerving nature of turning up for the first time can be enough to make you want to abandon the idea altogether, so a great way to overcome this is to bring an acquaintance along with you.

Turning up to your first ballroom dance class with someone you know can significantly help to alleviate any kind of tension you may feeling before your arrive. Bringing a friend or family member along will mean that there's absolutely no chance of you being the only newbie in the class, which in turn ensures that you won't be the only one with beginner skills. Also, if you're a little nervous about meeting new people, bringing a friend along will give you a partner to dance with.

N – Natural Talent

Very few people in the world will walk into a ballroom dance class and pick it up within a matter of minutes. Like a lot of other things in life that are worth learning, ballroom dancing is something that takes time, effort and patience. Everyone learns at different paces, and some will be better than others. It's important to go into your first lesson understanding that you're unlikely to be a natural. You're probably going to be feel a little silly on your first few lessons, so prepare yourself accordingly and give yourself a break when you inevitably make a mistake. Go in and have fun. You don't need to have natural talent to become a competent ballroom dancer; you just need patience and realistic expectations.

C - Clothing

Some dance classes may have a preferred dress code that they'd like their attendees to wear, but many will encourage you to slip into something that makes you feel comfortable. Take your time to select an outfit that gives you a sense of confidence, as this will help immensely when you walk into that room for the first time. It is recommended that you wear a sensible and dependable pair of shoes, along with a pair of trousers and top that you are familiar with. By all means purchase something new especially for the occasion if you think it will help your confidence, but wearing an outfit that you know well will allow you to get on with dancing without having to stop every few seconds to adjust a button or reattach a buckle. Half the battle to surviving your first dance lesson is going in with a sense of confidence and willingness. Wearing the right clothing can help you to achieve the right mindset to do that, along with allowing you to get on with the act without interfering with your moves.

E- End Game

As you prepare for your first ballroom dance class, it's important to keep in mind what your overall goal is. Why did you decide to take it up? What would you like to get out of these lessons? Use your end goal to help shape your lesson and get the most out of the class as you possibly can. If you're readying yourself for your wedding dance, bring along a CD of the song you'll be dancing to and ask your teacher to play it whilst you learn your steps. If you've been looking at ballroom dancing as a potential new hobby, go in a little earlier and introduce yourself to your fellow attendees as they come in through the door. The more people you get to know, the easier it'll be to slip into these lessons with ease and transform ballroom dancing into a thoroughly enjoyable hobby.

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7 July 2015

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