Entice Your Kids Into the Pool With These Fun Accessories

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There are countless articles on swimming pools and children's safety, and while it is critical to ensure your pool is safe for your children, you also want to create a space where they can have fun. Want to entice your kids into the pool and keep them active? Try adding these fabulous toys and accessories to your swimming pool:

1. Water cannon

Surround your pool with a few water cannons, and your kids will love it. Water cannons are sourced from the pool, and they allow you to shoot a gentle jet of water at someone in or around the pool. Kids can each grab a cannon and have a playful "battle", or you can spray them once in a while as a prank.

If you get water cannons, remember that kids will be tempted to run around your pool. Surround it with aggregate concrete or another non-slip surface to reduce spills.

2. Water Slides

You can have water slides added to your existing pool or designed into your new pool. They add an extra level of excitement to your pool area, and they keep it interesting for kids who may be easily bored with just a regular pool.

To save energy, have your installer put an automatic timer on the controls for the water slide. That way, if it hasn't been used for a while, it can automatically turn off so it doesn't waste energy pumping the water to the top of the slide.

3. Sprinkler or Spray Pad

In the middle of the shallow end of your pool, consider adding a standing sprinkler. Depending on the type of sprinkler you select, kids can have fun running around a shower or hiding behind a sheet of water like a waterfall.

If you aren't ready for a pool yet and want a zero-depth alternative, you can add a spray pad to your garden. A spray pad is a soft surface where kids can run and play, and it hosts several standing sprinklers or showers for the kids to run and play under.

4. Rock Wall

Not all pool accessories have to directly involve water. You can buy or hire rock climbing walls for your pool. This gives kids and young teens a chance to burn off energy, challenge themselves and work on rock climbing skills. When they reach the top, they can dive back into the pool.

5. Beach Entry

Stairs and ladders aren't the only option for pool entries. You can also commission a beach entry. This is a sloped pool entry covered in sand. It creates the feeling of being at the beach, and for some kids, playing in the sand may be more attractive than swimming.

Love these suggestions, but don't have a pool in which to use them? Contact professionals like Gold Coast Family Pools & Spas to remedy that situation today!


12 January 2016

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