3 BYOD Solutions Your Business Should Consider

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If you host business guests throughout the year, then BYOD is something you may have heard of. BYOD, or bring your own device, is an option that an increasing number of businesses and hotels are now offering. In fact, you may look for this as a feature at hotels that your guests occupy during their visits. What you may not have considered is BYOD options for when your clients and guests are on your business campus. Here are three solutions your business should consider for BYOD.

High-Speed Charging Stations

One of the issues that many travelling guests and potential clients have is keeping their phones charged. By offering charging stations in business conference rooms and in private client offices, you give them the chance to refresh and recharge without concern. One of the leading advancements and upgrades you can make with these charging stations is to offer not only multiple ports but also ports for multiple platforms. Remember, iPhone and Android use different chargers and will need suitable stations. You also want charging stations that can handle tablet charging as well.

Streaming Devices

You may have multiple clients and guests on your business campus at once. One of the options you can offer for them is a relaxation area that has smart televisions for streaming. With a BYOD package, your guests can relax in the lounge or private office area and stream directly from their phone. Keep in mind, some clients do not use these devices just for movies and entertainment. Some use them to keep track of competitor videos, tutorials, and guides that may be going live on various platforms. The ability to stream those while they wait, without having to log in to an unfamiliar device, can be very beneficial.

Gym Device Stations

If your business offers an onsite gym, your clients may want to use it during their visit. If you have the latest technology in your gym, then you may have treadmills and other items that allow a device to be plugged in during the workout. This plugin adapter allows the person to use the equipment while watching a show, going over notes, or making audio notes in various apps. A BYOD program would allow for any device to be plugged in, including tablets, phones and other smart devices like readers.

By considering one or more of these BYOD options for your business and your guests, you can offer an advantage above other businesses. This advancement and forethought to what your guests and future clients need will stand out when the clients make their final business choices. If you are ready to get started, visit with your IT consultant for the options available to you currently.


15 October 2018

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