7 Tips to Take Better Videos on Your Phone

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Even pretty run of the mill smartphones now have unbelievable video capability.  Here are seven simple tips to help you turn the thing in your bag or pocket into your route to video excellence. Step 1: Know how your phone works. Seems pretty obvious but getting to grips with how your smartphone acts as a video camera can really increase the chances that you'll be proud of what you produce. Think about how it handles light; a strong source of light behind whatever you're filming will render everything as a silhouette—you want see people's faces and expressions.

30 December 2014

Things To Consider When Hiring A Marquee


Marquees can be a great way to make any party more functional. Marquees protect guests from the weather and create more space for them to congregate, which may be especially important for events being held at home. But before you jump in and rent any old marquee, make sure you do a little research and find the best option for you. Ask yourself the following questions:  1. Can you afford it?

5 December 2014

Things To Do Before Renting a Limousine


When you are thinking about renting a limousine for a special occasion, or just to have a night on the town, you will be presented with a lot of choices. Limos are as diverse as cars on the road, and no two limos look alike or offer the same amenities. So before you start out on your limo hunt, here are some important things to do to make your search more productive.

19 November 2014

Best Party Hire Options for 18th's & 21st's


Australians love to celebrate, and there is nothing they love to celebrate more than legally coming of age, whether you consider that to be 18, 21 or both. Teenagers and young adults who are fortunate enough to be having a party thrown for them, or who have scrimped and saved to put on the wildest party of their youth, might be interested in hiring some special equipment for the event. If you're looking to add a WOW factor to your own special occasion, then here are some sure party favorites to keep your guests talking about the night for weeks to come.

18 November 2014