How to Gain Better Breath Control: A Guide for Clarinettists


One of the most important things for beginning clarinet players to learn is good breath control, as this will lead to a more pleasant tone and much greater endurance. If you're just learning to play the clarinet, spending a few minutes each day on breathing exercises will mean your playing will improve immensely in just a few months. On top of this, your range will improve, and you'll be able to play in the upper register and still produce the same beautiful, warm tones that are generally more manageable in the middle and lower registers.

2 August 2016

Entice Your Kids Into the Pool With These Fun Accessories

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There are countless articles on swimming pools and children's safety, and while it is critical to ensure your pool is safe for your children, you also want to create a space where they can have fun. Want to entice your kids into the pool and keep them active? Try adding these fabulous toys and accessories to your swimming pool: 1. Water cannon Surround your pool with a few water cannons, and your kids will love it.

12 January 2016